Gold Hoops Are Happening (Again)


A little bit of extravagance or just your average accessory? Either way, gold hoops are by far the biggest earring trend of the year.

[  wearing  vintage  gold hoops  ]

[ wearing vintage gold hoops ]

I don't think I've ever stopped wearing hoops, to be honest. I've always loved their simplicity and ability to be incorporated in any outfit and still look elegant. I even choose to wear them to the beach to elevate my every day "beach look". Man, they're so versatile!

This season hoops have been spotted in every major runway show, from Marc Jacobs to Michael Kors, and Fendi in all different sizes and hues, and if there's one thing I've learned is "the larger, the better".

Just go for it and shop some of my favorite styles [from Nef's jewelry brand Nebula to Asos and Net-A-Porter] below! x

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