The Spring Shoes to Buy Now

[   Manila Grace  slippers  ]

[ Manila Grace slippers ]

This post needs no justification. We are women and as women we typically love shoes; flats, heels, wedges, all types of shoes. So it feels rather natural to present some of my favorite shoe styles to inspire your next footwear splurge. Come on, start taking notes!

1. The Slippers

The slippers (or backless flats if you prefer) will work just as well on sunny days in the city, as they will on your next sunny getaway. You can literally pair them with everything from maxi dresses to crop jeans (just like I did). The studded ones I'm wearing here are from Manila Grace and they look a bit too wintery cause I got them back in March and they were meant to be worn with leather pants & coats, OK? They still work though.


ATTENTION! Your man will most likely hate them and you for wearing them, so it's completely up to you if you're willing to put up the fight.

2. The Wedge Espadrilles

A pair of high-heeled espadrilles will always be in style; they have been the quintessential summer shoe since the 70s when legendary YSL popularized them. I am a big fan of Castaner & Manebi - they both come at reasonable prices and most importantly: they are sexy yet super comfortable to walk around all day long.

3. The Woven Shoe

Yet another Spring must-have, the woven shoe, has stolen my heart (and probably yours too). It instantly adds texture to any outfit and matches perfectly this season's laid-back aesthetics. Pick your favorite from my selection below!

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