Your Guide to Finding the Perfect Basket Bag

If I had to pick one bag to wear every day for the rest of the season it would hands down be the basket. It's not the first time I declare my love for it (remember last year's post?) and will definitely not be the last.

I'm always on the hunt for the perfect updated version of the basket bag and if there's one thing that gets me through the day is discovering new brands offering a fresh approach to existing styles.

Speaking of which, I've recently stumbled upon Sensi Studio, an ethically driven brand inspired by the craftmanship of local artisans in Ecuador and I've fallen head over heels for everything they do. Some might find their hand-woven totes a tad pricey, but trust me their quality really justifies the high prices.

[   BEACHGOLD  woven bag  ]

[ BEACHGOLD woven bag ]

It's easy to say that basket bags are the new totes. The "picnic bag", as made famous by Jane Birkin in the 70s, is a total must-have for ss18 so thankfully it won’t be quite as hard to find "the one".

From the classic round basket to fancy woven backpacks that literally fit everything, your dream basket is one click away. Check my selection starting from 36€ below!

| UNDER 100 |

| UNDER 200 |

| UNDER 300 |


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