The Best White Boots to Buy for Fall

[   photos   :    @natgeorgal  a ]

[ photos: @natgeorgala ]

I’ve been a having a bit of a thing for white boots lately (can you tell?). They’ve proved to be such a versatile piece in my wardrobe - in every style & length you can imagine. They're so modern, elegant and easy to wear with literally every color shade I own.

[  wearing     RAYE x REVOLVE    boots   ]
[  wearing     RAYE x REVOLVE    boots   ]

Favorite pair of the season? This below-the-knee sexifier by RAYE. If these don’t give you sexy 70’s vibes, I don’t know what does. It’s the ultimate pair to match your mini dresses & high-rise skinny pants.

[  wearing     MANGO    boots     ]

[ wearing MANGO boots ]

These mid-calf boots from MANGO are a year old (I wore them to death last year during PFW), yet still very relevant and on trend. Wear this style with bare legs and midi dresses for the perfect transitional look.

[  wearing     TONY BIANCO     ankle boots  ]

[ wearing TONY BIANCO ankle boots ]

Ankle boots are always a good idea - but in white are even better. I got an affordable pair from Tony Bianco back in Spring, which unfortunately wasn’t as comfy as they initially looked, but hey, at least they are pretty! Shop similar pairs on the slider below.

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