Or simply how to travel in style - the twin way.

Ever since we can remember ourselves, we have been traveling the world. Our father used to be an avid traveler himself and we reminisce always being overly excited when our parents gathered us around the main coffee table to discuss where we would like to head to next or simply announce the next travel destination.

The freedom of choice was the best part; we simply sat down and looked for the dreamiest of destinations (at that time Disneyland seemed the ultimate travel spot though). A part we never got bored of and this is the main reason our life so far has been filled with so many images, inspirations. And that exactly made us who we are today; citizens of the world.

We’ve never felt the fear of the unknown and have never felt loneliness abroad. No matter where we would always find something or someone to make us feel like home. We are lucky to have so many treasured friends, who we are still in touch with, and no matter where we chose to go, there will always be someone who will have our back. Even in the weirdest of places, we will have a friend of a friend of our friend to seek help or share a drink - or two.

Traveling is a way of life. One of my favorite quotes ever is the following; “life is not meant to be lived in one place only". And I do believe in that. I’ve never been one of those people who could not leave their family or friends behind and head to a different place in order to start over, mainly because I want that kind of change on a regular basis - it makes me feel refreshed - and secondly, I do not believe that I leave someone/something behind; my loved ones will always be with me no matter where I am in the world.

Based on the aforementioned reasons, Nat & I gathered our best travel tips and created our own personal “Travel in Style” guide. So here it goes.

1. NEVER travel like a mess of gorgeous chaos aka do dress casually, but choose carefully. You are not going to the gym or the mini market around the corner to get jellies. And talking from experience, we had once booked a very big project at an airport and had also met one of my ex-boyfriends in Zurich airport (and that is something you did not know about me, ha). So, lesson learned. Do not overdo it though - you are not going clubbing either. Stay simple, chic and to the point. Oh, and comfortable. A pair of skinny jeans or loose track pants, a cozy sweat & sneakers is the best combo.

2. For God's shakes, avoid high heels. Jeez people. The airplane aisle is not the catwalk and you are most certainly not boarding the Victoria's Secret lear-jet either, so stay focused on the ground and let your feet breathe. They're tired carrying your own weight already. My point here; wear sneakers.

3. Travel light aka try to fit all your travel essentials in one (very spacious) bag - preferably a backpack. What we mean by that; next time you fly please try NOT to take with you two big handbags plus an extra carry-on that you inevitably try to hide from the check-in staff. Cause even if you manage to pass through check-in control and roll to the gates, you will most likely get yourself a tendonitis, sweat like a pig and NOT travel in style. Plus, there will always be a lack of space up in the luggage compartment (classic), which means you'll need to place the unnecessary bags somewhere along the plane resulting into a big fat mess. And when the plane lands and everyone stands up getting ready to depart, you will be the one creating C-H-A-O-S. Add some more stress in your life, yes you can. #NOT

 4. Have a pair of sunglasses with you. Or two. It's the perfect coverup when you seat next to someone who falls into the NO-NO flight category of "the chatty ones" aka those sort of annoying people who are just dying to start a conversation with you during a flight. 

5. Bring you travel-sized beauty kit. This would include; face moisturizermascara, lip balm, your miniature perfume,deodorant, toothbrush/toothpaste - all of them in a very convenient size of course - and most importantly, antibacterial hand-wipes, cause too many gems are walking around plus, a sense of freshness never hurt nobody. Oh, and let me not forget an extra pair of socks. Especially in transcontinental flights, where people tend to take their shoes off to ease blood circulation, and the cabin transforms into a gas chamber (I am overreacting obviously, but my point is clear I suppose).

6. Do not underestimate the power of an iPad/iPod and make sure you have created your own personal track list to keep you company, whereas the person right next to you is snoring loudly. And that's when a pair of flight earplugs comes in very handy (no, sometimes they're not provided by the crew, so make sure you bring your very own), along with a pair of your softest eye shades.

7. Snack on something light and healthy before getting on that plane. That way, you will avoid splurging into all the in-flight fattening meals and the high-calorie sweet creations offered by the catering. Trust me, you don't wanna add more to the existing bloating that a flight offers you generously. Bottom line, you don't want to feel like a big balloon when you get off the plane, and in that way, you won't.

8. Hydrate as much as possible...with water. Alcohol, coffee or tea do not count ladies, as these types of - delicious - drinks will add to your risk of dehydration.

9. I was having a conversation with someone dear to me couple of nights ago (when I actually got the idea of this article) concerning the security precautions I take when flying. Security precautions; ZERO. At the back of my head, if something goes wrong and there is an emergency situation I will bid farewell to this world before the crash - most likely from a heart-attack. And this is when the essence of a small survival kit comes to save the day (or a life hypothetically). That would include; protein bars, an extra pair of shocks, lighter/a box of matches (because in case I survive and have to spend the night in the mountains I need to be able to light up a fire (!), an isothermal blanket and...the bible I guess? All these may come in handy if I manage to overcome the shock of still being alive, and when probably the only thing I would really crave for is a bottle of wine.

10. Do not forget the i-Everything portable chargers - for obvious reasons. Simply don't.

That's all.

P.S. I have concluded after all that I am a terrible co-traveler and I need to travel on my own simply because I am unbearable. Right, Nat? 

Safe travels everyone!

- Nef x


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