Wearing: NIKE Roshe Run trainers (now ON SALE)

How do you feel about your BFF's? You've chosen them to be by your side and share unconditional love; protect you from what destroys you and inspire you to follow your dreams. Support you at all times and costs.

These are some of the reasons why we all love training shoes. The hottest and rather comfortable trend of the past seasons is here to stay. And the good news is you can wear them with EVERYTHING. Literally. And still be on point.

Fitness footwear has largely evolved over the past years. No longer called "aerobic shoes" or "cross trainers" training shoes are "a distinguished category of footwear specifically designed to provide protection for fitness activities"*.

But the actual case is the following; led by global giants like Adidas, Reebok & Nike the running shoe has been altered and evolved into "sleek silhouettes that combine aesthetics and performance"*. The shoes that were once used only to the gym are today the everyday must-have of every respectable woman.

Nowadays, the options are limitless; there are so many designs one can chose from and because of that, one can never own too may pairs of them. The fashion industry has launched them as one of the hottest trends of the moment and the consumers are embracing it like no other before. And as consumer and fashion addict myself, I have to admit that this is hands down one of my favorite trends of all times. Not only cause I love the designs, but also cause I feel comfy every minute of the day. And cause I don't lose my femininity when sporting them with my girly dresses (my latest crush). On the contrary, I feel powerful and even sexier than in any other shoe! I feel like I can conquer every target, you know?

Sounds too much, huh? Well, I'm just trying to put my overexcitement into words; the excitement that comes with the fact that I can pair all types of clothes with my ever-trusted trainers. And I gotta admit that I have many. And by many I mean that I even have the same pair in different colors (0ops). I guess you may call me a fashion victim after all. Or maybe a victim of our times? But that opens another chapter of a whole different story so I will just put a full-stop here.

Shop some of my favorite sneaker styles below:

Photography: Joseph Alexiadis

- Nef x


* Source: American Academy of Pediatric Sports Medicine


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