The ugly truth about my current favourite (and Kate Moss-approved) pair of shoes.

Vogue warned us for the return of the clunky 70's shoe style back in April, when the ultimate trend-setter (and personal favourite fashion icon) Kate Moss hit the streets sporting a pair of buff-leathered clogs. And that got all of us wondering; is the boho shoe-trend really back? 

It looks like it is. I remember I bought the depicted pair of clogs while I was studying in London five years ago, wore them a couple of times and then kept them in the back of my closet hoping they will appeal to me again sometime in the forthcoming future. And so they did. And I'm blaming miss Moss for it.

As my boyfriend pointed out, they look awkward and downright ugly. Oops. I think he's kind of right. But at least they are comfy, the short-heeled version at least. And I still love them. And other ladies love them too. It's the typical kind of shoe that manages to look appealing on women's eyes only and completely unattractive on men's. Sorry guys, but if Vogue & Kate approve...

If you are brave enough to ease into the trend, there are actually countless ways to make clogs fit into your personal style. If you're up for adding a bohemian touch to your look, make sure you keep the rest of it quite simple; balance their chunky feel with boyfriend jeans, cut-offs, culottes and simple tees. That's all.

- Nat x


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