Here's something you probably don't know about me; I am definitely more of a shoe than a bag person. In fact, I'd much rather buy 2 pairs of shoes instead of just one bag. Every once in a while however, I splurge on a statement piece that I'm sure I will be wearing repeatedly - like every-single-day kind of repeatedly - till I come across it's "deputy".

This year I invested in the classic Gucci Dionysus (duh?) and I'm happy to declare that this beauty hasn't left my side in the past 4 months (#success). It simply complements my every look, from the office to the airport, and I haven't felt the need to ditch it just yet. And that is a very good sign, don't you agree?

But as we are halfway through Fall already (where did September go?) and our need for a style pick-me-up is becoming more and more intense (yes, we are all in the same boat here), I decided to share with you my favorite bag styles of the season and who knows maybe you'll be lucky enough to find your Fall match ;)

Shop'em all on the slider below!

You know I love you.

- Nat x


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