Qatar Airways challenged us to put together the essential wardrobe for a trip to our dream destination. We just had to pick Bali.

The good thing about being two and sharing the same taste, along with the same size (in both clothes & shoes) is also sharing a luggage; and when we say "share" it usually applies to more than one suitcase. However, let's just focus on the sharing part, which is the most important. We swear by the quote "sharing is caring"; we own everything together and that can only have a positive side, right? Since traveling is deeply integrated into our lives - for both business and pleasure - and we always do it together we feel so blessed that we can literally share everything. 

Concerning this travel challenge we are facing with Qatar Airways, first of all, we would like to thank everyone involved for giving us the opportunity to fly to beautiful Doha and potentially to our destination of choice. That alone is something worth mentioning and a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

So, the dreamy destination of our choice? Bali - for all the obvious reasons. We wish we would not have to pick just one destination that Qatar Airways flies to, however, we will keep working hard and eventually fly to all those beautiful places of the East side of the world someday; Some of them are Singapore, Maldives, Australia and the list goes on. We have been dreaming of flying to Bali a long time now, however, each time we'd schedule the dates, something else would come up and had to postpone it. We are craving for white sand beaches, palm trees, crystal clear waters and wooden bungalows, walking barefoot by the water and witness that gorgeous sunset we only get to see in pictures. 

Packing would be the easiest task when it comes to exotic Bali; colourful dresses, kimonos and sarongs, a whole lot of bathing suits, a respectful number of sunglasses, hats, flats (only) and let's not forget the most important item; our SLR camera, as it would be a shame not to capture those magical Bali moments and make everlasting memories. You can find a more detailed packing list below, and what else can we say..hope to see you soon Bali! 


Loads of swimsuits; bikinis, one-pieces, and monokinis for that matter

- Sarongs; the best option if you don't want to overthink what to wear on the beach

- All different kinds of hats; sun can be dangerous ladies!

- Printed dresses, kimonos and rompers; they will take you from day to night

- A spacious beach bag; you surely need it to fit all the essentials inside

- Sandals & flip-flops; or you can just walk barefoot 

- Sunblock & tanning oils

- SLR camera + extra memory card (!)

- In-flight essentials: a set of cozy pj's, a pair of slippers, an eye mask and a beauty kit will make the long-haul flight beautiful. Luckily, Qatar Airways is generous enough to provide you with everything needed; think Giorgio Armani products and other small surprises.


*In collaboration with Qatar Airways & Marie Claire Blog Awards.


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