As known, the sea has its own rules, thus once on board, prepare for a unique holiday experience - and outfit choices.

Since we were little kids, we would spent some of our holiday time vacationing on our uncle's boat so we go acquainted with the on-board rules from quite a young age. Generally speaking, being on a boat is not as dreamy as it may seam. There are strict rules (including rules of dressing) we should all obey and stick to that will ensure a successful outcome of your holidays.

And now the real question you should be asking; what to pack for a boat trip? Well, there's no need to worry ladies as we got you covered for once again. If you're planning to sail the high seas in the upcoming months, make sure you read our recommendations below:


* Pack up as many bathing suits as possible - and of all kinds; one-piecesbikinis, the more the merrier! Since you'll be spending most of your time half-naked under the hot sun, swimwear is arguably the most important element to your everyday attire.

Kaftans, kimonos and other funky coverups are a must-have. Worn from AM to PM, they are the most versatile and stylish items of your capsule wardrobe. Wear them as dresses, match them with shorts and flip-flops/or gladiator sandals(#HotPieceAlert) and you have created the perfect summer look.

* DO NOT forget to bring hats (the bigger, the better), as well as tons of sunscreen. These two are more than necessary. Due to constant exposure in the sunlight, without even realising sunburns will most likely occur, so make sure you protect yourselves. You don't wanna end up looking like a lobster, do you? 

* DO NOT even think about bringing along any pair of high heels (not even those dreamy Aquazzura's you spent your month's rent on, it's a no-no ladies). Flip flops and sandals will definitely do.

* Forget about heavy clothing (leather jackets etc.) - as well as heavy make-up for that matter. Less is definitely more when on board. However, a denim jacket or a lightweight sweater will be of great use.

* Stock up on maxi's and mini'sdenim shortscasual tee's and any other functional staples that will make the process of getting dressed as easy as possible. Being at the sea gives you a great feeling of freedom and joyfulness, you don't want to ruin this, do you?

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- Nef & Nat x


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