On the first week of June I surprised my boyfriend with a 3-day trip to one of the most exciting hotels I've ever stumbled upon; Tainaron Blue Retreat, a small hotel nestled in a 19th-century stone tower with the most wicked views of the Mediterranean Sea. Sounds like a dream right? Well, it most certainly is. 

Both my boyfriend and I have had the privilege to travel to many places around the world and we both admitted that this was possibly the most unique hotel experience we've had so far. With only 3 rooms, it really feels you are a world away from everyone.

The hotel's on-site chef Sakis treated us to the most exquisite 7-course breakfast every morning; from homemade jams to traditional pies, everything we tried was simply mouth-watering. 

If you don't plan on leaving the property, no problem; you can have your meal anytime during the day beside the pool. Their a la carte menu consists of a fine selection of traditional recipes with a modern twist. Make sure you try the roasted parcels with sfela cheese and wild herb honey, as well as the local pasta with Laconian shrimp, tomato and parsley - simply delicious! 

If you're terrified of getting bored after a while (our thoughts exactly), don't be - there are so many places to explore around the area. I would like to make a more extensive post on all my recommendations, but here's a small list of my top 3 places to visit;

  • Marmari beach
  • Limeni for lunch - make sure you try the well-known fish tavern "Takis"
  • Aeropoli for dinner and/or delicious cocktails when the sun goes down

For the rest, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. 


A big thank you to my friends at HotelBrain for arranging this magical trip for me! I will definitely be back soon.

- Nat x


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