A bunch of random shots from my recent trip to Copenhagen with my bestie!

Strolling around Strøget (and smiling awkwardly) in my life-saving Topshop parka.

The Royal cafe - a small, quirky coffee shop hidden in the heart of Copenhagen. If you ever find yourself around make sure you try the Smushi (beautifully presented smorrebrød aka Danish open sandwiches) and the delicious desserts.

My friend, fellow blogger and partner in crime, Mariza, being abnormally shy.

Random magazines and books in Urban Outfitters.

Mariza and I being silly (blame it on the food and coffee overload).

The Acne store in Østergade, best Danish steak in "Madkubben" and a sunny morning in the flower market.

Holm's Bager aka best bakery in town (fyi those chocolate croissants taste even better than they look).

Street art and (a blurry) me posing as an eskimo.

- Nat x


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