On our way back from Ibiza last month, our flight departure to Barcelona was delayed for 5 hours (!) due to some technical issue, which eventually led to missing our connecting flight to Athens. There was no available flight till the evening of the following day, which actually worked quite well as we got 12 hours to spend in the cosmopolitan capital of Catalonia. Doesn't sound that bad, right? 

We know what you're thinking; half-a-day is not nearly enough time to experience the beauties Barcelona has to offer. However, if you use this time efficiently, it can be ideal to get a flavour of this remarkable city.

So, if you happen to have 12 hours to explore BCN, check out our mini-guide to the best things - we think - you should do:

  • Wake up early and go to Galeria Cosmo for breaky. It's a cute little coffee shop inside an art gallery, where apparently there's always some new exhibition going on. Make sure you try their cakes - the most delicious carrot cake we've ever tasted - and if you are a juice lover, don't miss their fresh lemonade.
  • Start your exploration from Barrio Gotico, the city's most famous neighbourhood. Walk around to discover the coolest artsy bars and cafes.
  • Visit Mercado de Santa Caterina, a beautiful little neighbourhood food market. Grab some tapas and wander around for a bit - even the building itself is a gorgeous piece of architecture.
  • Head towards Barceloneta and walk the length of the beach. It's the ideal place to take in some fresh air - and loads of tourist photos.
  • If you are hungry, make a stop at Barraca overviewing the Barceloneta beach for a delicious paella and refreshing mojitos.
  • If you feel like shopping, go to The Portal del l'Angel, just off Placa de Catalunya, where an endless array of high-street shops - think Mango, Uterque and Zara - awaits you.
  • Head towards the Barcelona Cathedral for some sightseeing and typical tourist photos.
  • Keep walking around the area and get lost in the city's beautiful alleys. Every corner is too photogenic to resist.
  • Dressing tip; wear comfortable shoes - leave your beautiful Ancient Greek Sandals packed in your suitcase and opt for sneakers. Trust us, we should know. You don't want to end up with blisters on your toes, do you?

If you still got some vacation days to fill this summer, we suggest you give Barcelona a go. Aegean Airlines offers some pretty affordable flights and booking.com has some pretty good hotel deals. Even if it's just for half a day, it will definitely be worth it.

- Nef & Nat x


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