A big hello from the city of Angels!

First of all I owe you a big apology for being MIA the past few weeks, as I am currently spending my days in sunny California and most specifically the City of Angels aka Los Angeles. It's my second time out here; my first was back in 2013, when I stayed for a couple of weeks and never wanted to leave, thus I had promised myself to come back here as soon as possible.

When I first set foot in this town I felt exactly like home, a feeling I never got over and kept really deep in my heart. I re-lived that same excitement as soon as I touched the ground coming out of the plane. Only this time it kind of felt different quantity-wise, felt like I was returning home, like I am here to stay. Mixed feelings I have to admit. It is THAT L.A. vibe that runs into my veins and makes me glow and feel happy all the time. Do not get me wrong, I love my country and I miss my family and friends terribly much, however I am one of those people that constantly have the urge to travel and explore and I have no fear of the uknown in me. And this town tends to surprise me day by day.

The most important thing is that L.A. puts a smile on my face each and every moment, regardless the circumstances I am under. There are so many things to do and so many places I want to go to that I believe that there's not enough time. I try to do different things every day; meet my friends that are spread all over the area (thank God I have many!), go training, meet up with clients of ours (like LNA, Nasty Gal, Stylestalker and more), make daily escapes to places all around Cali and my list goes on.

For all of you who have never visited great Cali, the Los Angeles area is broken down into smallest cities; DownTown Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Huntington Beach, Orange County, Glendale just to name a few. The transportation from one place to another is quite a nightmare tho; you absolutely need a car, you certainly take the highway and oh, let me not forget that traffic is unbearable. But it is so worth it! That's all for now folks, enjoy some of my insta-shots and I will make sure to keep you updated!

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- Nef x


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