Dress to Impress [Mykonos Edition]

[  dress from a beach vendor,   Preekka  sandals ,   Hermina  bucket bag ,   Prada  sunglasses   ]

[ dress from a beach vendor, Preekka sandals, Hermina bucket bag, Prada sunglasses ]

Heading to the island of the winds and wondering what your next fancy beachwear attire will be? Look no further.

Here's a look I sported last week that literally stole the show. Nothing too extreme, just a knitted dress, a pair of gladiator sandals & a mini basket bag.

My highly complemented dress literally cost me 30€ and a big smile at a random beach vendor at Branco. Yep, no kidding. 

Moral of the story here?

Designer clothing is amazing and all, but you know what they say; money can't buy you style. So don't be afraid to experiment and never neglect your local vendors - they sometimes hide fashion treasures :)

- Nat x


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