Kicking off the second month of 2018 with a brand new outfit post - pause for reaction. I won't start apologizing for my digital absence yet again (been there, done that), I'll just get straight to the point.


GANNI track pants, ISABEL MARANT sandals, MANGO sunglasses ]

I won't lie to you - this past month has been super intense aka super busy/boring in terms of creativity. There are so many strategic things that need to be planned for the new year, and most importantly for fashion week - that's less than a month away - which wouldn't let me be as creative as I'd want to.

I know you expect some kind of daily outfit inspiration from me and that's why I pulled some new wardrobe favorites out and decided to shoot this look at my house entrance the other day (no time for location scouting).

I basically wanted you to know that tracks & heels are still a thing and also took this opportunity to showcase these Isabel Marant sandals I had been craving for so long. A huge thanks to my beloved boyfriend for getting them as a Christmas present for me and making me the happiest girl on fashion universe. However, I got slightly disappointed by their quality as a leather strap broke on the first time I wore them to dinner, and to give you an update the brand's customer service never got back to me to offer a solution or at least apologize...


Regarding this GANNI track pant, it was love at first sight; I loved the idea of the ruffle peplum waist, as it instantly gives a more feminine twist, but eventually, I noticed that it adds a bit of unnecessary volume. It's still cute though, don't you think? Definitely coming with me to Milan & Paris!




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