It's been a good couple of seasons for the basket. Jane Birkin's signature picnic bag has been spotted on the arms of every fashionista around the [digital] world and in fact, the trend is still running strong.
If you're anything like me, I'm sure you're on the hunt for the most unique/eclectic design to take you through the hot summer days aka the one that will make tons of heads turn. Am I right?

First on everyone's wishlist is the bamboo clutch by blogger-approved brand Cult Gaia, but since it's constantly sold out (wishlist won't do), girl's gotta find an alternative.


Second on the list is the classic Birkin-basket sold on your local flea market. Yep, there should be one near you. What do you mean you've looked, but couldn't  find the perfect one? Look harder. I ordered mine from a local shop in downtown Athens and I'm telling you it's a feast for the eyes. 

Last, but not least I've made a selection of all my favorite basket-inspired styles from around the web. Their price tags are a bit heftier than the flea market's (they range from 120€ to 350€), but if you are looking for a long-lasting option, I'm sure you are bound to find your dream bag.

Shop now & thank me later. 

- Nat x


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