LPA via REVOLVE dress

GIGI HADID for VOGUE sunglasses

ZARA shoes

There's nothing like a Greek summer; the sea, the sun, the fun. As I grow older (and hopefully wiser), I find myself appreciating the beauty of my motherland more and more.  Having travelled a lot in the past years has made me realize how hard it is to find this 

combination of sun, unique scenery & culture elsewhere. That's why I try to make the most out of the hot season and spend as much time as possible exploring my country - in the most appropriate summer attire of course. 

Speaking of clothes, I got this beautiful citrus-printed dress from REVOLVE last month and my first thought was in which Greek island I should be wearing it first. It's perfect for morning walks through the alleys (paired with some cute lace-up sandals) or romantic sunset cocktails with bae, don't you think? x

Photography: Natalia Georgala

Location: Attica, Greece

* In partnership with REVOLVE


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