PFW SS18 - Day 4 - Natalia Georgala - street - style

You got all your answers for Milan, and now it's time for Paris. Scroll down and find out what I wore during the most fashionable time of the year in the City of Lights. Go, go, go! 


Day #1, look numero uno; jeans, boots and a shirt kind of day. Thank god the weather allowed me to wear this beautiful Ksenia Schneider top on its own and not freeze to death, cause it would be a shame to hide these sleeves under any type of jacket, wouldn't it? 

For Lanvin, I chose to wear a black smoking dress from the brand featuring a contrast satin collar that didn't feel right at the beginning, but matched with my chunky Mango boots & black Celine sunnies, it ended up being a total success. 

PFW SS18 - Day 2 - Nat Georgala - lanvin - celine - paris


Not the smartest styling choice for a rainy morning, but at least the hat saved the day - and my hair. I'm loving this Chloe top as it can be worn in so many different ways and do we have to talk about the bag

PFW SS18 - Day 4 - Natalia Georgala - vetements - paris

Vetements jacket

The hero of this look is certainly the oversized Vetements leather jacket. I have to admit it's even heavier than it actually looks yet too perfect for me to actually care.

PFW SS18 - Day 4 - Natalia Georgala (6 of 50).jpg

Last ensemble from PFW and hands down my favorite (did I mention that it's also Lisa Aiken-approved?). But I mean look at this floral dress; it's from an emerging German brand called NAM and you seriously need to check it out immediately. The pieces are rather pricey if you ask me, but so so good. 

So, do you have a favorite?

- Nat x


Photo credits: Moeez Ali, Andrea Menin, IMAX


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