Wearing: ZARA dress (similar here), H&M buckle sandals (similar here), VINTAGE blazer (similar here)

“Fashion fades, but style is eternal” and I am quoting the one and only Coco Chanel. Style is a very important and very personal case. It's the body’s language, it pinpoints one’s character, it is completely unique and shows one’s identity.

Ever since I can remember myself - throwing back to high school - when I first started to stand in front of a mirror and experiment with clothes, I always wanted to have THAT something that will make me stand out. THAT something is the difference between the mass and yourself. Style needs "that twist" that will make it your own, you will get identified by it, it will become an extension of your character.

Getting back to my high school years now, I always loved to mix styles and textiles, no matter the season. I would never wear tights with skirts during wintertime or I would pair my satin summer dress with my all time favorite motorcycle boots or a recent one that I remember, I paired a lace dress with authentic American cowboy boots. It's all about the contrasts :)

When I laid eyes one the depicted dress, I fell in love with its’ underlying romanticism and sexiness, so obviously I had to own it. To make it more wearable and not too sexy for daytime, I teamed it with a black oversized blazer and chunky sandals. It's all about the contrasts after all.

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- Nef x


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