Wearing: EXPRESS lace bodysuit (similar HERE), EXPRESS zip-front bodysuit, EXPRESS high-waist shorts, EXPRESS chocker, NIKE sneakers

I was born in 1990, which means that I’m a pure (if not the ultimate) 90’s kid. I grew up having supermodel posters hanging on my walls, listening to Backstreet Boys and watching the original Beverly Hills 90210. My fashion memories (yes, I do have many of those) include cool girls in crop tops, sexy bodysuits, braided hairdos and a whole lot of denim!

We know that history tends to repeat itself – and that saying definitely holds true in the fashion world. Denim cut-offs, bodysuits and chokers (remember the tattoo-style version?) are three trends that have defined the 90s and have somehow gotten huge again – which is definitely fine by me.

This look pays tribute to my favorite decade. I picked out a pair of high-waist denim shorts (what a shocker!), a couple of bodysuits and a triple choker all from Express - that by the way has some pretty cool options if you aim to jump on the 90s bandwagon yourself. 

I chose to play with layers by wearing two bodies, one on top of the other, simply cause I love the white detailing peeking out of the basic black zip-front. I completed the look with a pair of sneakers and a braided hairdo. 

It is the return of the 90s after all.

- Nat x

Photography: Joseph Alexiadis

Hair & Make-up: Manos Haute Coiffure


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