Wearing: H&M STUDIO slit top (similar here), ZARA boots (similar here or here), LEVI'S shorts (here)CHANEL 2.55 bag (here)RAY-BAN Clubmasters (here)

Ever since I laid eyes on this white beauty on the H&M STUDIO runway show back in March (Instagram be my witness) I knew I had to make it mine. And so I did. Oh, I'm talking about the high-neck, high-slit top in case you're still wondering.

I sported this look during NYFW (yep, here's to another #throwback) and even though I pulled it together the very last minute, it actually became one of my favorites. Plus got a rather big amount of attention from all of you guys. I gotta blame it on the slit. Or my glowy tan legs, who knows.

On another note, I'm back in Athens at the moment - only till Monday though - working on some upcoming projects with Nef. You know, the usuals; shooting, filming etc, etc. Same old, same old (smirk face emoji).

And speaking of big sis; the only thing I miss terribly while in New York (besides mom's homemade pumpkin pie) is spending time with my beloved sister. I had been so used to having her around on a day-to-day basis and now it feels really strange not being able to share my everyday moments with her (God bless WhatsApp & Snapchat!). Can't wait till she visits me next month! But enough about me, being sentimental and all.


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