Wearing: FOREVER21 faux furGIUSEPPE ZANOTTI bootsUNIQLO turtleneck (similar)wrap dress (similar)

It has been almost two month since my return from NYC and I go through times that I still picture myself there, walking around in the Big Apple. The one thing that makes this City to stand out from the rest is that when you are there, you simply realize that you are just one of all; you are in the center of the world, yet you are just one of all those millions of people, who are in the same position as you. It is a powerful and strange feeling at the same time. New York is literally the concrete jungle where dreams are made of. If you haven't been there yet, it's a trip of a lifetime that all of you have to experience. 

Enough with my philosophies though, let's get back to what I'm supposed to be talking about; fashion! This look is one of my favorites from New York. The twist that the dress takes paired with the turtleneck underneath is a really nice one, no? (not that you haven't seen it before, but you know..). It's a trick you can use if you want to instantly make a dress more casual and wearable. Add some eye-catching jewelry and a pair of great shoes and you are all set (and please pay attention to the shoes, as good shoes only take you to good places).

- Nef x


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