Wearing: Pinko dress, Adidas sneakers, Folli Follie bag

The day I was wearing this dress and shot those images, I ran into a stranger who stopped me on the street. He was in his mid-40s, very elegant and extremely nice. He first starred at me and then gave me a big smile. I returned the smile and walked off.

Seconds after, I listened to him saying to me; "Forgive me miss, I do not mean to be rude or anything like that, however I would like to ask you a something". I turned around to look at him and of course my reply was positive. 

"This dress is so beautiful and elegant, and I do not mean to disrespect you whatsoever, but, why are you wearing it with trainers"? he asked and genuinely smiled at me. 

"It is a trend" I kindly replied to him, giving away a big smile. "I understand that it may seem odd to you, but for my generation, it is something that's considered very fashionable and appealing to our everyday life", I continued. 

"But, you are a lady and you should wear something more ladylike" he claimed and I totally understood him. 

Photography: Joseph Alexiadis

And then, it just stroked me again. Do I really like the trainers with the dress or do I wear them because it's one of the biggest trends of the latest seasons. I mean, if it wasn't a trend and let's say I saw a girl wearing the exact same dress with the exact same shoes walking down the street, what would my thoughts be exactly? 

I could not answer my questions without giving them more thought. The truth is that in retrospect, I always followed my own rules when it came to my appearance. I remember always wanting to break the rules in fashion, even since I was in 7th grade. I always get inspired, but I do not obey any fashion trends. I find a bit of myself in every outfit I choose. And that is what I want to share with you; experiment, but be different in your own unique way. Be yourself and do not afraid to show it. 

As far as the question that arose from my little conversation with the sweet man on the street, the answer is yes, I would still have worn the sneakers with the dress. Because I have pictures of me wearing lace dresses with cute headbands and trainers back at the age of 17, my last year at school. And I remember my friends totally disliking my outfit back then.. But, hey, I still stick to my beliefs :) 

The moral of the story? Be true to yourself, at all times, in all situations. 

- Nef x


One half of the TwinFashion duo.