Or Parisian in my case.

{Taking a break from all the PFW madness - and my high heels - to share with you a casual outfit I wore yesterday, which could be used as an example of "casual Parisian dressing". Or not.}

It is quite well known and accepted that Parisian women have something utterly unique; a captivating inner sense of casual style that makes them look oh-so-chic in the simplest of attires like a pair of jeans, trainers and a good winter coat. Well, I kinda followed their steps while here in Paris and have to admit it feels absolutely great. That is the secret to a successful outfit. Try to own it and you will be surprised of how much it affects your mood.

So here I am, strutting the streets of my favourite European city in my beloved ripped boyfriend jeans, which by the way have been so long forgotten (it's so nice seeing you again buddy!). I know everyone is pretty much into flares right now, but I will never get over my everlasting love (ripped and loose that would be). Not everyone has to feel comfortable in the same clothing styles, so my advice would be to find your ideal pair of jeans - on trend or not - with the sexiest fit and all, and just rock it your own way!


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