#LALALAND update!

As you know (and all of you who do not, you can get your update on my insta-profile @nefeligeorgala) I am practically stuck in L.A at the moment, with no intention of going back to Europe just yet. It's been a whole month now that I've been exploring great Cali and I have to admit it's been one of the most amazing experiences of my life so far. California is such an amazing place and I feel extremely grateful I've been able to stay here for that long. 

So, one fine day last week I got a DM from sweetheart Aimee Song aka Song of Style saying that she and her sister Dani are officially inviting me to their pre-coachella party celebrating the launch of their brand new tee line TWO SONGS. Talking about surreal; Aimee and I have been Instagram friends for years now, but never had the chance to get to know each other on a personal level. And now was the time! (oh, how I wish Nat was here in Los Angeles with me to share moments like this together and built up the most amazing memories...I miss her more and more every day #clearlyhavingamoment)

The party was held at a breathtakingly beautiful house on top of Beverly Hills Park, facing down the whole of Los Angeles. The view was breathtaking and as you imagine, we absolutely had a blast! Admittedly she's one of the coolest girls I've met while being in the fashion industry; so humble, welcoming and funny at the same time! She will be visiting Greece so all of you devoted Aimee-fans stay tuned!

That is the beauty of social media, hence their power; connecting random people from all around the globe in such simple ways. Sure there is the positive and the negative side of it, but I'm just going to focus on the pros. Being thousands of miles away from home, meeting all these new and interesting people that we share common interests with, getting to know them better and now being able to have an eligible opinion, even maybe creating new friends. That and many more aspects form the beauty of my job. 

Check out more snaps from the #ShopTwoSongs party below!

TWO SONGS launch party | April 4th, 2015 | BEVERLY HILLS, LA


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