This was a project I absolutely looked forward to.

Unique like no other, it was intriguing at all levels. An editorial for Greece's top bridal magazine, wearing show-stopping couture-worthy dresses is not something you do everyday.

People say that when you wear a wedding dress for the first time you absolutely get blown away by an ultimate feeling that makes you wanna walk down the aisle yourself. For me, this was actually the second time I was going to be photographed wearing an ethereal wedding gown. But if you ask me, the first time does not really count as I was much younger and such a rebellious girl that just the word "wedding" itself made me feel nauseous.

This time was different. I got to pick the wedding dress myself and the minute I laid my eyes and actually tried the depicted beauty on, I immediately felt I was going to become the little princess I pretended to be when I was a little girl, waiting for her prince...

- Nef x


Dress: Primalicia Bridal Designers

Photographer: Ioanna Roufopoulou

Hair & Make Up: MAC Cosmetics


One half of the TwinFashion duo.