It is 4am and I'm currently sitting on my couch, drinking a glass of wine, relaxing. The only light comes from a dozen burning vanilla scented candles. It's so quiet yet so loud. There's a saying stating that the silence says a lot. Well, it sure does, but only if one choses to listen and have a chat with it {the silence}. Sometimes, having to deal with yourself and the truth coming with it is the hardest thing. But in the end, nothing else matters. Everything you want to know, everything you want to avoid, all your fears, your most sacred thoughts and hidden wishes are in here and you cannot hide. And this is my point exactly, why try to hide? Why not just become one with your inner self, your true self and face the true YOU? Why not let your truth become your freedom and lead you to the life you truly want to live? We humans, tend to detour from our main goals, neglect our deepest needs, fear our deepest wishes for what?

The is NO time for not leading the life you want. It is your life after all. I am writing this article - I'd call it more of a diary entry - because this past year has been one of the most important of my life so far. I have come to know Nefeli a whole lot better, I have touched basis with myself and I have grown up. But I mean really grow up. I've realized things about me that have never crossed my mind. I've come to know aspects of my personality that I'd no idea they were formulating my reality. I have finally understood the stem of my biggest fears and accepted my life traumas and how these have affected my life so far. Oh, and I've realized that time passes by like crazy. So do not waste it on things or people that won't matter the day after.

I see myself in this beautiful Giambattista Valli floral dress, smiling and I am proud of who I am. I'm starting to really love myself now. I'm thinking of my life so far and cannot help but realize how blessed I am. Be grateful every single day, even for the tiny little things. Mainly for them.

For all that matters, my advice is to try and spend 5 minutes with yourself every day. Make it kind of a ritual. You will eventually learn so much that you'll actually be surprised. 

- Nef x


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