Let Me Remind You that Body Shaming Ain't Cool


Ever since I posted the article regarding my body transformation and the change in my overall lifestyle, I have been receiving tons of messages from young girls and women - even up to 65 (!) years old - expressing their own feelings and sharing their personal stories with me. I cannot describe how satisfied I am with myself for writing about my past and new eating habits. The feeling when people tell me that I've given them a boost and influenced them in a good way fills my heart with love and gratitude. 

We need to take care of our body. We live in it after all. We need to feed it with all the good stuff. We need to love it and respect it. Having said that, I would like to point out something very important. Depriving your body of food and torturing it with extreme diets is NOT healthy. Of course, it is good to have a decent body weight, but being skinny is not the target of healthy eating. I am telling you this because we all reach that trigger point when we feel great about ourselves and we kind of become obsessed. That is when you need to stop. Be rational about it.


Society as a whole has created extreme pressure on body image - let alone the fashion industry. I totally get it. But I want to tell you this: STOP paying attention to what others think of you or your body. If you feel good about yourself, well that is admirable. When you feel like eating a bit more, please do so and satisfy your stomach. If you feel a bit guilty after eating too much, it's also totally understandable. We have all been there, done that. Take it easy and be careful the next couple of days, do not obsess about it nor feel guilty. You wanted it, that's why you did it! And you enjoyed every minute of it, so bear that in mind!

How many times have you caught yourself admiring another body at the beach and saying "I have to be like this"? I bet hundreds. But you don’t know what that body is going / or has been through to reach that point of admiration. Of course, there are women that are naturally great body-shaped (oh yes they do exist). It is healthy to admire other women, to be inspired by them and opt for the best for you. And the best is a very personal issue for each one of us. Being healthy should be your number one priority, it's all that matters.

I understand that there are some women carrying a bit more extra body weight. Hey, no need to feel bad about it and the rest of you, don’t judge them whatsoever. You never know what are they going through or if they actually feel good about those extra kilos. If they are healthy and happy, man I admire those too! Deeply! I understand that usually, some extra weight can put an extra strain on one's health, but that is not always the case. So respect those women. They are so beautiful in their own way. Why isn’t curvy the healthy body image society should project? I have personally thought about that matter numerous times and at the end of the day, who said being thin should be the norm? If you ask me, being fit is all that matters.

There have been so many debates over that issue and it's finally a good thing that being fit equals being healthy. Opt for what is best for YOU and only you and don’t listen to anyone who tries to undermine you in any way. 

Love you always. Nef x



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