Throwback to my days in Los Angeles.

It's been almost a month since my return from California and I keep receiving positive feedback. Most of you keep saying how you managed to alter your daily reality through my pictures and pretend that you were there for an instant. Such comments make me really happy and the truth is that it was one of the strongest experiences I have lived in my life up to this far. I really hope I will go back soon. The thing is that I may not be able to stay there for as long as I stayed this time, but each time is different and that applies to all aspects of life. I am grateful and happy that I have the ability to travel as much in general, and hope to do it even more in the future.

Cutting to the chase now, during my stay in LA I had many friends visiting at the same time as myself, which was awesome. One of them was Matt aka Matthew Zorpas of the Gentleman Blogger. We spent a great deal of time together including a whole weekend in West Hollywood shooting, dining, hanging poolside enjoying the amazing Cali weather, exchanging ideas and making great plans for the future.

Along with his amazing friend and photographer Gleeson Paulino we wandered around Santa Monica Boulevard and the greater area and shot this specific story. I was in a total boho mood that day; I fell in love with this floral kimono I found at a vintage store down in Hollywood Boulevard (plus Coachella weekend was just around the corner) and he was in his ever-oh-so-chic suited up mood. We were such a perfect fit for the WeHo situation that we had a rewarding dinner at the Standard afterwards. It's a blessing to be able to work with your friends in every corner of the world, don't you think? Enjoy! 


One half of the TwinFashion duo.