It had been almost 2 years since the last time Nat & I did Milan Fashion Week. And truth being told, I had truly missed it. Plus, I made a big realization; Italy is probably the only European country - besides Greece of course - that I actually feel like home. I've only had that feeling while in Los Angeles, the minute I set my foot there. It's one strange feeling, you must know that. It makes you question; how can a place far away from home feels exactly like home? Well, it can and it's thatfeeling making your heart beating faster and filling you up with the most important feeling of them all, that of being safe.

As I was saying, I realized that I should be visiting Milan more often. During the 72 hours I stayed in the city and the limited time I had between shows, appointments and meetings, I managed to spend some of it simply walking around, disregarding the sense of tiredness and the non-stop rain of the last couple of days and you know what? I felt happy.

On another note, a style lesson learnt in Milan this season was the sock paired with your fanciest sandal, as well as the return of the headband that I wore throughout my entire adolescence and you gotta thank Donatella for that. Oh, and how could I forget, the ripped denim. This has to be my all time favorite trend; as it is widely known amongst my followers and friends, I can practically spend my whole life in ripped jeans. My sister has once stated that it's impossible to get me out of my ripped jeans. Well. I have to admit, it has been hard leaving my collection aside over the years, but to me, it's been a sign of reaching my mature stage and feeling comfortable enough to experiment and embrace different trends. I love that ripped denim is back and I will definitely wear it, however, in different ways. 

- Nef x


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