When Carolina Herrera invited me on an express trip to New York felt like a dream coming true. An iconic house I've been admiring for so long wanted me to attend the global press launch of Eaux de Toilette Confidential, their new luxury fragrance collection and spend a couple of busy days with them in my favorite city in the world. I don't think it could get much better than that.


On Monday morning we headed straight to the CH atelier to meet with mrs Herrera herself, where she introduced us to some pieces from her Resort 2018 collection and her Pinterest-perfect world in general. Everything about the atelier, the clothes, the flower arrangements was simply impeccable; just like her style of course. No wonder why her brand personifies ladylike-chic like no other.



Next on the agenda was a lunch with the entire group at Palma followed by a lovely fragrance & flower workshop. Along with one of the best florists in New York, Ingrid Carozzi from Tin Can Studios, we were taught how to create flower jewelry using Jasmine and other blossoms. In the end we were asked to create something small to complete our look for the night, which btw felt quite intimidating at that moment. Thankfully I managed to make a cute flower comb and felt rather impressed by my skills. Thank you Ingrid for the tips and patience ;)

Our day ended with an amazing dinner at a secret location offering breathtaking views of the Rockefeller Center and the New York skyline in general, where after some jasmine-infused cocktails, Carolina Herrera de Baez introduced us to her latest exhibition "The Indian Journey of Herrera Jasmine".

The exhibition featured a collection of photos taken by Carolina on a recent trip to India, where she visited the exact places that jasmine - or else called the "Queen of fragrance" - is recollected before it reaches the rest of the world. "I wanted to see where it all starts", she confessed.


Second day in the Big Apple with House of Herrera and the first thing on our itinerary (after the yummiest breakfast at The NoMad Hotel of course) was the presentation of Eaux de Toilette, the latest luxury fragrance collection by Herrera Confidential. Being a huge fan of Herrera fragrances for years, you can imagine my (over)excitement for the unveiling! 

The collection consists of 5 different fragrances and 2 elixirs, all based on very good quality ingredients and at the same time very long-lasting. Each one of them is linked to a different place that Carolina Herrera de Baez has been to, or dreams to go to.

My personal favorite turned out to be Rose Cruise (pictured below), a refined and sensual scent that "recreates the queen of flowers, the Rose" - which to be honest came as no surprise, as I've always gravitated towards rose-based perfumes.

Herrera Confidential

Eaux de toilette Confidential by Carolina Herrera


Last but not least, I had the chance to interview world renowned Perfumers, Rodrigo Flores-Roux and Natalie Cetto, as well as Carolina Herrera de Baez herself (jackpot!) - which was hands down the highlight of my trip.

You can read my exclusive interview with Carolina here and I really encourage you to do so. She's a woman to look up to. 


Thank you so much Carolina Herrera for the loveliest couple of days infused with jasmine. It was a real pleasure. 

- Nat x


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