What is your #1 Summer staple?

We all have that one outfit or that specific pair of clothing that we call our uniform. And we are almost certain that most of you - if not all - identify with this term. For the few of you that are not familiar (?), the "uniform" is your favorite look, ideal under any circumstances and an absolute life savior! 

It is usually a total black look, an LBD or that one white tee that can be worn from the beach to the club, that pair of denim with the perfect fit, as well as that pair of shoes giving you the thumbs up. 


When it comes to us, in the summertime we literally swear by a pair of black high-heeled sandals, as well as a pair of Havaianas. Our love for the Brazilian brand is nothing new (and we know you love it too). If any of you have tried a more comfortable summer shoe, speak now or forever hold your peace. Over the years we have worn our favorite flip-flops with everything, from denim shorts to maxi gowns and they've never proved us wrong.

The subtle elegance of Havaianas is one their key highlights. Nowadays, there're plenty of styles and colors one can chose from and every year we can't wait to try them all. Especially now, while you are vacationing in your favorite summer destinations, make sure to splurge on some pairs  - cause one is never enough - that will be following you on your crazy adventures.

This season we got our hands on more than 8 pairs (no kidding), most of them pictured here. So our suggestion is you chose your favorite styles now and get ready to live your very own #HavaianasMoment.

- Nef & Nat x


Photography: Joseph Alexiadis

Editing: Natalia Georgala


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