Our love for backpacks - or else called rucksacks - is widely known by now. 

What you probably do not know is that ever since we were at school and had to carry a backpack (for utility reasons only), we used to have an entire collection of different ones just because we were literally so hooked on them. Plus, we used to write dedications, poems and quotes ON them in order to make them look even fancier.

Moving to the time being, the love for backpacks is facing a revival and it'a a strong one. It is another example proving that fashion reappears in different forms over the years and makes yet another strong trend. 

We found backpacks to be quite useful, besides ultra-fashionable fashion items. Why? Cause you can fit many things in them, which automatically makes them easy to carry around especially for all of us women. 

We have paired our new Folli Follie backpacks (absolute current favourites), with a satin dress and ancient greek gladiator sandals (Nef), as well as with a cropped top and shorts for a more sporty approach (Nat). The backpacks tend to draw all the attention in any of the aforementioned cases, making them a total wardrobe must-have.

Do dare to experiment with different styles and colours ladies, particularly in the summertime; these fellas can be extremely handy and we definitely need a bag that serves our needs all day long, don't we?

Happy 1st of June! x 


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