We have been together as one since forever. We have been brought up to believe that no matter what, we will always have each other. Time is passing by and we constantly evolve. Over the years we have transformed into two different personalities that share quite a few similarities. We are two different people in one. Thus, we decided to start working together and show the magical effects that the power of two has.

Our lives are totally different, however we have many things that unite us and bring us together. One of those things is, as aforementioned, our job. However, this amazing job we have chosen to do is a very intense one that requires lots of energy, great communication skills, traveling, constant meetings and a lot of brainstorming. Our everyday lifestyle has taken its toll on us and every once in a while we just feel the need to step back, relax, refuel and start again.

It is extremely important for us to spend a great amount of quality time together, simply enjoying each other's company, sharing our thoughts and catching up on each other's lives, laughing unconditionally, sharing our biggest dreams and fears. Having said that, it is that one time every week that we play dress up, slip into our fanciest outfits, wear our new Calvin Klein step watches and Beyond Jewelry set, meet up and go out. Just the two of us.

- Nef & Nat x

Photography: Joseph Alexiadis

Hair & Make-up: Manos Haute Coiffure


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