Wearing:  WOLFORD Comet tightsSAINT LAURENT boots (above), WOLFORD Dots tights (below)

As this post title clearly states, today I let my legs do the talking. Cause sexy pantyhose (oh, I love that word) is back. But did it ever really leave, or was it just me trading stockings for bare legs and all kinds of skinny pants? Probably the latter. No need to worry though as my eternal love for bare legs isn't going anywhere, but when you live in a city that temperature drops below freezing (damn you, New York), you need to think of a rather stylish way to protect your thing.

While browsing through Wolford's current offerings, I realized that the stockings of today bear little resemblance to those my mom made me wear 15 years ago (yes, it's been that long since the last time I dressed my legs in something more extravagant that a simple pair of black opaques, but no judgement please); I'm talking about new knitting techniques, trendy patters, sparkly detailings. This was a whole new world! And I guess that was the minute I was sold.

Wearing: WOLFORD Stardust tights (above), WOLFORD Comet tights (below)

Moral of the story? If you my lovely ladies, looking for a confidence boost, a way to feel more pulled together - or simply a tad warmer - get yourself some new stockings. I promise, they will not disappoint. 

- Nat x


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