Wearing: DQUARED2 jumper, J BRAND velvet skinnies, GUESS pumps all via Factory Outlet

I gotta be honest here. You wouldn't usually see me hanging out at home in my velvet skinnies, red mules, hair in place but you know, that specific day it was raining cats and dogs, the couch looked way too comfy, so why bother shooting outside? Just saying.

So today I wanted to address a favorite subject of mine; shopping on a budget. I mean, why spend a fortune when you can shop smart - and still manage to look extremely polished - on a budget? No, I'm serious. I went to a store the other day while on the hunt for a specific pair shoes I'd seen online. As soon as I set foot in and before I even managed to ask someone to assist me, I noticed from the corner of my eye a rather big SALE section. And you can guess what happened next; treasure hunting! I ended up buying 5 sale items in the exact same price of the aforementioned pair shoes. Isn't that awesome? Anyway, my point is that I totally understand women's need to refresh their look every now and then - every season to be exact - but sometimes we should be thinking what we really need and spend accordingly. I believe that we should all be more considerate in regards to our spending habits, as times are changing girls! 

And that's why I absolutely support the concept of discount shopping in general and I've been a big fan of Factory Outlet since its early days. No, not everything you'll find is cool nor trendy, but there are still endless treasures waiting to be discovered. If I didn't tell you where the top/pants/shoes are from, would you guess they're all from a discount store? Duh? And that's why we call it "smart shopping". Maybe you should try embracing the concept and I promise you can still look polished and put together..without spending a fortune.

- Nat x


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