Getting ready for #NYFW with Century 21


NEIL BARRETT sweater | ELIZABETH AND JAMES sunglasses | ACNE STUDIOS croco loafers all via Century 21

I got loads of questions in regards to why I missed NYFW this season (as I basically live there now). Well, the plain and simple truth is that I wanted to be back home in order to work closely with Nefeli on some projects long overdue and start planning the next months ahead. Spending so much time in NYC these past 6 months has been amazing work-wise, but I gotta be honest; it does not allow me to work with my team as much as I want to. Hence, Nef & I decided to skip NYFW (ok, the freezing weather might have been another key factor) and focus solely on our upcoming projects, website relaunch (yep, it's happening) and also plan London & Milan. 

Before I made a last-minute decision to stay in Europe, I had already teamed up with Century 21 (I am talking about the legendary department store with exceptional offering of designer pieces on insanely discounted prices) to share some of my key items for #NYFW - which eventually travelled with me in LFW & Milan, where I am at the moment. After careful consideration I picked 3 basic pieces that could be incorporated into my every look and worn in all different types of occasions; a black mohair sweater, a pair of refined flats & a pair of eye-catching sunglasses. Why these? Well, let me elaborate.

  • A black mohair sweater is warm enough to help you beat the freezing cold and can literally be worn on top of every look, casual or not.
  • A pair of sleek flats because after a point you will be unable to stand/walk/run in your extravagant heels and you will surely need to switch to flats, yet still look fashionable and put-together.
  • A pair of sunglasses, simply because you can never have too many of them and it's the only fashionable weapon you have against last night's vicious hangover.

Got it? So what are your FW key wardrobe items? I'm dying to know! 

- Nat x


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