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They say time is relative. Some would insist that the more the years of by, the less the time one has. But is that actually the case?

For us, the more we grow, the greater the quality time. We've learnt how to live in the moment, enjoy every minute, treasure each second because every single one is unique and forms our life. Whatever good or bad may come with it, its uniqueness is the greatest form of quality one may have. Just one minute can change your entire world, it can alter your perspective on things and life.

And as we grow older and become wiser, we ideally want to stay in the moment and really live it; we need time for long walks, time to talk about boys, time to enjoy our favorite latte, time to spend with our girlfriends and gossip for hours, time to rest, relax and just enjoy the ride. We need time for the ideal holiday escape, to share dreams and act accordingly. We want time to walk barefoot on the beach and dance under a crescent moon. We want time to LIVE and as we grow older we choose to make the time for all the unique moments. 

Autumn is magical and thankfully gives us the time to vividly enjoy each of these moments. 

The future looks bright and will surely give us many moments to swear by, always with the best company at hand to remind us that each minute is as unique as our sisterly bond.

- Nef & Nat x


Photography: Joseph Alexiadis

Hair & Make-up: Manos Haute Coiffure


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