The Truth About My Body Transformation

As most of you know by now, on February 12th I had a serious head accident that left me with a broken jaw, chin, and teeth. Having said that, you can imagine that the following months would be by definition "hard" and rather challenging for me.

After my hospitalization and following the doctors’ strict orders I moved back to my parents' house. My whole life changed within seconds. I was lying in bed all day long, half asleep half awake, suffering from escalating pains. I wasn’t able to feed myself properly as I couldn’t open my mouth. Firstly, I couldn’t, as the pain was excruciating. Secondly, I wasn’t allowed so; I had to keep my mouth almost closed and steady. Thirdly, I had no teeth as all my teeth from the front and left side were broken. But that was the least of my problems, trust me.

Therefore, you can imagine I had to feed solely on liquids to regain my powers because I was left completely devastated by this experience, mostly physically. Mentally speaking not so much. I knew from the moment I opened my eyes on the way to the hospital that it would be a life-changing experience and definitely not an easy one but I promised myself that I would be the strongest I could be and try to remain positive. And so I did. 

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On a positive note, I had all the time in the world to think my life though, read, watch movies, regain self-power and rest. I started reading everything I could find online regarding healing foods, needless to say, that food is medicine; “we are what we eat” they say and I can finally relate to that. I am one of those girls who's been facing weight fluctuations since my adolescence. I have battled anorexia and bulimia to a certain extent in the past. I have been finding comfort in food. I have always had a love-hate relationship food. I have always loved eating healthily, but I would go from periods of eating super healthily and exercising properly to periods of filling up on larfe quantities of food and over-exercising. And that would lead to more food. And not liking myself. But I would also go through phases I would eat very well and work out regularly and feel great. Over the course of the years, I have also realized that some foods made me feel bloated and faced digestion problems. I am sure that many of you can relate to that. Being sick of this whole situation, I decided to start feeding solely on the good stuff.

During my recovery, my mother would make me super healthy juices, and soups and my body started feeling empowered again almost in no time. I started feeling powerful again, but that feeling came from within. I ditched anything dairy, no chicken and meat (either way I had cut down on it for some years now) and eggs. I basically became vegan.

My body went through a period of detoxification and empowerment. I read everything I could possibly find on veganism and the foods that are considered alternatives to meat. And trust me, there are so many.  I wasn’t eating any animal protein, on the contrary, I started leaving on a plan-based diet. And I never felt so good in my entire life. I told my doctor my meal plan and he was totally fine with it. All you need is an open mind. 

I learned so much about the health benefits of every fruit, vegetable, nuts and legumes and the right combination of foods in order for the body to absorb all the necessary nutrients. I started making super juices and smoothies. I made such delicious soups that even my parents started following my lifestyle! My blood test results were phenomenal and my overall health was improving at a fast pace. My jaw was healing very quickly, my doctor was extremely happy with the results. I was feeling greater than ever. I was packing on so many calories and good fats and constantly losing weight.

After two months, I was allowed to start exercising again; it was part of my recovery process, I had to regain muscle strength. Plus, I have been exercising all of my life and it was something that I really missed while recovering. Note that I am still recovering. I can finally, after four months, smile without feeling pain and I actually started chewing hard shell foods again, i.e nuts. I had to almost melt them before in order to consume them. But I am feeling stronger and healthier than ever. Not to mention that my skin is finally super glowing and shiny.

However, and please pay attention to this matter, I am not obsessing over food. What I mean by that is that I have started eating eggs when I crave them and baked salmon- which I love. I generally don’t eat fish- I am allergic to shellfish and almost two years ago I started feeling sick when I saw fish; I researched more regarding this matter and I came to the conclusion that my body rejected it by itself. Therefore, I've stopped eating fish for quite some time now. I am not obsessing over veganism. It is solely the fact that it works for my body. And I am not a complete vegan. I eat my eggs and salmon when I feel like it. I stock up on fruits and veggies, although you should now that too much fruit is not really good for you and I am referring to the sweet fruits. I tend to have one green juice per day as it works miracles and it is alkalizing for the body. Plus, it helps in beating cravings.

I have also started cooking; I love experimenting with numerous recipes I find online. And they are so yummy - you will be amazed by how tasty vegan food can be. You can find so many amazing things, just head once over to your local bio market and stock up on things! 

If I go out, I chose to eat whatever suits me best. If you decide to follow such a lifestyle, please don’t freak out, you don’t want to become antisocial. Dining out is part of our lives and is supposed to be a great overall experience. Don’t get weird. 

I also tend to exercise regularly it is just part of my life. I do not overdo it though. I am also muscular, this food plan I am following makes me super lean. You need to listen to your body and don’t torture it. You live in there after all. 

When people ask me what do I feed on, I try to explain all the things I have learned and how it works for me. And most of the times I get congratulated upon. It is very hard to make such a decision, to change your entire life like this but it's very easy once you really make up your mind and feel ready for it. 

I receive so many messages on a daily basis regarding my body transformation and what I eat, hence I will start blogging more about plant-based meals and recipes. Till then, you can keep sending me all of your questions <3

Thank you for the love and kind interest you have shown in the past few months.

Love, Nef x

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