My No-Makeup Makeup Look

[  shot at    The Margi Hotel   ]

[ shot at The Margi Hotel ]

If you guys know me well, you know that I'm no makeup guru. Due to my acne scars (read more about my lifelong acne problem here), I've always wanted a good coverage, but at the same time something very natural-looking, weightless and non-greasy.

So you can imagine it's been rather challenging to find the perfect combo of products to achieve the desired results (I gotta thank all the makeup artists whom I've worked with over the years for teaching me at least one of their tricks).

So, here's a guide on how to nail the so-called "No Makeup Makeup Look" in just 5 minutes! I swear it's that fast.


I'm prepping my skin with Laura Mercier's Foundation Primer - my favorite out there. I've recently learned the importance of a good primer for longlasting results and it's seriously life-changing. Next, I use a little bit of Lancome's Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation that leaves a very natural-looking & velvety-matte finish.

Effacernes Longue Tenue Concealer by Lancome is my go-to product for the ultimate under eye coverage. I have really bad dark circles and it's the only one that gives me the desired effect. I was recently told that it's even more effective when you apply it over (!) the foundation, so that's what I do and it actually works even better.


A dab of pearly highlighting cream on top of your cheekbones is ideal. I use the MAC Cream Colour Base in HUSH mixed with your basic Vaseline Jelly - it truly does miracles.


I don't normally emphasize on my eyes during the day, but if I choose to make them a bit brighter I use a creamy eye-shadow with a bit of shimmer in it (currently loving Tom Ford's Cream Color For Eyes) - or my MAC Cream Colour Base in HUSH - in a shade as close as possible to my natural skin tone. Next, I apply a tad of my MAC Instacurl Lash mascara on my top eyelashes only and BOOM - eyes are ready.


I love me some big defined brows! Hence, I always groom them by brushing them up and then fill them in with Bobbi Brown's Brow Pencil or Laura Mercier's Sketch & Intensify Brush Brow.

What is your everyday makeup routine? Are you more of a natural-looking makeup lover like myself? Let me know! x


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