4+1 Beauty Hacks to Try Right Now


Can you keep a secret? We actually can't so today we are sharing 5 must-know beauty tips & tricks that will make your everyday life much easier. 

1. Use baby oil on blonde hair

Baby oil helps blonde hair sustain its yellow undertones aka it basically stops your blonde locks turning green. Run it through your hair before swimming - it will act as an extra layer of protection.

2. Baby powder as dry shampoo

No dry shampoo, no problem! Baby powder is your savior. Put a tiny amount on your hands and run it through the oily areas. Massage the powder into your hair using your fingertips for some extra volume or comb through for a sleek look.

3. Coconut oil as make up remover

Not a fan of de-makeup lotions? Coconut oil is a great alternative. Heat up the coconut butter to make it oily and voila! Gently rub your face until your make up is completely removed. Then rinse with warm water and continue with your night routine. 

4. T-shirt instead of a hair towel

This is great for curly hair. After taking a long relaxing bath wrap your hair in an old cotton tee instead of a regular towel. The benefits? Smoothness and not a frizz in sight!

5. Use hair conditioner as shaving cream

Next time you want to shave, simply ignore soaps and shaving creams, and aim for your hair conditioner. Your skin will be baby smooth with no bumps or ingrown hair. 


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