My Go-To Breakfast: The Vacay Edition


Let me tell you something serious about me; I am a breakfast person. What do I mean by that? I mean that if I had to pick one meal to have for the rest of my life, it would always be breakfast. No second thoughts.

I wake up with my stomach growling every day and I literally run to the kitchen moments after I open my eyes. I don't think I've ever left the house without eating breakfast, even if that was just grabbing some nuts on my way out. EVER.

Hence you can imagine that hotel breakfast buffets are my own version of HEAVEN. I find it so hard to restrain myself while I travel, as there are so many delicious temptations everywhere I look and let's be honest, who wouldn't wanna have french toast or croissants every-single-morning?

In my recent trip to Bali however (a full travel guide is coming soon btw), I really tried to challenge myself and opt for the healthiest options on the menu, without compromising my cravings for something tasty.

Wanna know what I had? Well, here's my healthy go-to breakfast while on vacay!

OPTION #1: eggs

The easiest choice, as there's always some egg variation on the buffet or menu. This time around I went for scrambled eggs on top of wholewheat bread with some smoked salmon or avocado on the side. Or both. It really kept me full until lunchtime.


OPTION #2: avocado toast

My second option? Millenials' favorite avocado toast (duh?). As protein keeps me fuller for longer, I decided to add poached eggs on top. My avo toast ended up getting even tastier, without being extra fattening. 


OPTION #3: chia pudding

Some of you might not have heard about it, so let me begin with a brief introduction. Chia seeds are a protein-packed wonder food that when mixed with water creates the delicious chia pudding aka a perfect alternative to yogurt or smoothies (pictured below). Make it even tastier by adding some fresh fruits, coconut flakes or chocolate chips on top.


So tell me, what is your go-to breakfast? Next up will be my regular breakfast routine while at home, so stay tuned!

- Nat x


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