My Lifelong Acne Problem


Back in January, Kendall Jenner made a gorgeous red carpet appearance at the Golden Globes despite her major acne outbreak - and I can't help but praise her for that. I mean, only people who have had experienced acne understand the impact it can have on your self-esteem and your entire life for that matter. Being one of those people I decided to open up about my lifelong problem with acne and make you see that you're not alone.

I started having acne problems at the age of 15. My skin had always been sensitive, but that's when the real struggle began. And I'm not talking about mild acne with a few blemishes here and there, I'm talking about severe stuff.

I spent years fighting it with medications, like prescription creams, two rounds of Tretin, and everything my doctors would recommend, but even after 12 years, my acne hasn't been cured. What I actually learned is that acne cannot be "cured entirely", but rather "treated effectively". It might always come back. Thankfully I haven't had any big breakouts in years, but the post-acne scars are still evident all over my face and there are a few pimples popping up every now and then.


At the age of 27, I still feel the need to photoshop my face in pictures so that the scars are not evident mostly for creative purposes, but also because I still find them unattractive, even though I shouldn't... I should see them as part of me and my "raw" beauty, and whoever finds them unattractive shouldn't be welcome here. Easier said than done though, right?

Let me tell you something. Acne is cruel - and people can be too. Battling it is very long, hard & emotional process. But it's OK. You should continue to live your life, at the end of the day whoever is meant to love you they will do so with or without acne. Trust me.

Because of how sensitive my skin is, I had always been very reluctant to try new products and that is the reason why I haven't worked closely with any skincare brand in the past. I could never vouch for something that I haven't tried on me first. Until now. I have recently started a new acne treatment with Skinceuticals, an advanced clinical skincare brand made in the USA, along with a series of deep cleansing sessions at my dermatologist (the amazing Dr. Margarita Vergolia) and I'm delighted to say that after only a month and a half I've seen a huge difference in my face; my skin feels much softer, looks brighter and most importantly healthier.

I will be sharing my journey with you all, including my exact daily skincare routine, so stay tuned and always remember; you are not alone.

Love you my girls, Nat x

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