I've recently shared some of my most precious beauty tips (including the product I can't leave without and how to beat jet-lag) with GLOW magazine and since I barely post - and constantly being asked - about my beauty routine I thought it would be nice to share them here too.

Start taking notes!


The #1 beauty tip I've been given... to use coconut oil as a makeup remover, as well as a nourishing hair mask.

In my beauty travel bag I have... coconut oil, Bodyshop Almond Hand & Nail cream, concealer [the Tom Ford concealing pen does miracles] & perfume [obsessed with Miu Miu L'Eau Bleue Eau de Parfum rn].

My in-flight beauty routine consists of... a lot of water, light makeup, and just a bit of wine, you know to take the edge off.

How to look fresh after a long flight... take a cold shower and head straight to the gym. It's the only way to relieve bloating.

My beauty/wellness tips to beat jet-lag... do not give in! Try to stay awake until our usual bedtime and also get a workout (yes, again). 

The one product I always buy from abroad... Glossier's Boy Brow; the best eyebrow filler I've ever used [they currently ship only to the US, Canada & the UK].

My 3 beauty must-haves... Glossier's Boy Brow, my fave MAC Russian Red lipstick, and Vaseline Jelly; it works as the best highlighter out there.


My winter skin saviors are... a good moisturizing serum [I'm using the Revitalizing Hydrating Serum by La Mer] and a medium to high SPF sunscreen [atm I'm using the DayWear by Estée Lauder].

My tip for healthy glowing skin... wear sunscreen all year round and use coconut oil! You'll thank me later :)

My secret to creating the best beach waves... do it yourself! No need to go to the hairdresser, I'm pretty convinced that the best messy look can be achieved at home [the Balmain Texturing Salt Spray definitely helps].

My go-to hairstyle... low slick bun. Easy, crazy-fast and chic (also the greasier the hair, the better).

First thing I do in the morning... run to the kitchen cause I'm literally starving. Then I wash my face with cold water. 

and the last before I go to bed... remove my makeup with coconut oil.

- Nat x



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