A lovely middle-aged guy once told me that women will always buy one thing even if at war (quote on quote); a lipstick. A lipstick? This just struck me out of nowhere. The power of the cosmetics industry is indisputable. New products come out in the market on a regular basis. Amazing products with breathtaking results rise our expectations and promise to make us look like a million bucks. The struggle is real.

We all want to look like Victoria’s Secret Angels that just came off the runway. But then, reality strikes back and we realize that this will NOT happen because not even the Angels look like that on a daily basis. My point is that beauty is not a matter of products. Although the nature of my job is to advertise these products, which I think I am doing very well, judging from my recent collaborations with major beauty brands and I am beyond thankful for that, the point which I want to make is elsewhere.

These miraculous products [and they ARE miraculous, no doubt for that] cannot perform miracles on their own. YOU are responsible for your beauty, your inner beauty that gives you THAT special glow. Of course, beauty products, facial treatments, Botox and all the other stuff we know are of immense importance, however from my point of you, if you are not happy on the inside, you will not glow on the outside.

Take for instance menstruation days. We all share the same negative thoughts. We hate ourselves and everyone else. We feel ugly and less attractive; we are much less sociable and not in the mood for anything. However, if we sit opposite our mirror and instead of having a breakdown for the temporary acne we are facing and apply a little bit of our new revitalizing & anti-aging cream that we just got our hands on, we will immediately feel a bit more “human” and less like a “monster”. Am I right?

What I want to focus on here is that beauty comes from within. Maybe you hear that all the time, however you don’t trust yourselves. We all have bad days, duhhh. The pressure is real on us women and we all feel the need to look our best.

Eat well, read more, exercise even more, laugh as much as you can and surround yourselves by people that accept you for who you are and want to see you happy and acing at whatever you do.

Last but not least, keep buying your favorite cosmetics because they truly highlight your beauty; your one of a kind, unique kind of beauty.

- Nef x


One half of the TwinFashion duo.