Let's talk about hair, shall we?

Today instead of posting the usual #WhatIWore, I felt like addressing a different subject perhaps of equal importance to my daily look; hairstyles. It is so weird we haven't fully talked about it up until now, as I get so many questions from many of you regarding the matter. My bad ladies!

Cutting straight to the chase, I've been recently thinking what should I do with my - quite annoying sometimes - hair in order to beat the summer humidity and the unbearable heat we're currently experiencing here in Athens. And I think I found a solution; braids! I know, I know it's not like I invented them or anything, it's just that it feels so good having my hair braided nowadays and I cannot believe I haven't embraced the style in so long!

Braids are known to be summer's coolest and rather useful trend. Good news is, there's a whole lot of types to choose from, ideal for all hair lengths and textures; crown braids, side braids, french braids, pigtail braids, half-braids, fishtail braids and the list goes on. I went for the crown braid pigtails, in an effort to look like my sporty teenage-self again..

P.S. If your hair skills are nonexistent (just like mine), let your ever-trusted hairstylist to work their magic. I mean, my dear Mary never fails to amaze me!

- Nat x


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