It's not unusual to feel uninspired by what's sitting in your closet. In fact, it happens to me every now and then (at least once to twice a week to be more precise) and what really happens is that I end up staring into my closet for an average of 15-20min in an effort to find at least one appealing piece of clothing to put on, but there's no sign of it. Sigh.

Photography: Joseph Alexiadis

Location: Athens, Greece

For those exact days when I don't know what to wear/basically hate everything in sight, I do have a failsafe outfit in mind; jeans, basic tee, sneakers & a new favorite Fall coat, cause let's be honest we all buy at least one new coat every year (and btw I'm currently eyeing on this beauty, thoughts?).

So there you have it. Good news is that I manage - somehow - to look put together, but not as I've tried too much (even though I clearly have).

- Nat x


One half of the TwinFashion duo.