It is the last Sunday of 2014. It is more or less the time of the year that each one of us makes their own personal estimation of this passing year. Good or bad, it is undoubtebly full of memories. New Year's Eve is in only 3 days from now and we are all getting into a party mode; just hold a positive attitude, embrace the luxury to be surrounded by the people who make you happy and put a big smile on your faces.

And just because we want to inspire you a bit more, we decided to form our own list of our top 10 party tips. So here it goes:

  1. Smile and do not forget to laugh it off! Beauty surely comes from within. It may not get you free drinks as Bryan Boy once said (legendary), however it surely will make you radiate. 
  2. Do not spend the night with people you DO NOT wish to be surrounded by. If it is even just one person you wish to spend quality time with, so be it. It is your night, just like any other!
  3. Do NOT leave all errands for the last minute. It will just make everything more stressful and you will NOT be saved by the bell.
  4. Make sure you have decided on that perfect dress at least one day before the big night, in that way you will have time to change your mind and look for something else in case that you experience a wardrobe malfunction.
  5. Wear something that you will feel comfortable in, something that will become your second skin. Do NOT let any wardrobe crisis ruin the night. 
  6. SPA yourselves the previous day. Have a relaxing massage, do your mani and pedi, indulge in some self-pampering. Treat yourself as a princess, just like you should any other day of the year.
  7. This may sound weird, especially if you are not a fitness junkie like ourselves. Go for a run or perform an exercise routine in the morning. It will be a great energy boost to get you through the night. (plus, less guilt for the calories intake of the big night! ;))
  8. Sleep well the night before. A good night sleep will make you "rise and shine" the morning before the big party. Also, eat clean the day before, stick to protein and salad combo, that way you will avoid being bloated the next day.
  9. Have a bubble bath. While you start preparing for your big night, put on your favorite music and indulge into a glass of good wine. Our latest crush is the bubbly Bianco Nero, amaziningly tasteful. Take it easy though, we said one glass not the entire bottle!
  10. Do NOT drink and drive. Another great year lies ahead of you and it entirely up to each one of you to make it worth-living. Pursue your dreams and go down your own path. 


You are the queens and kings of yourselves and make sure that you treat them that way all 365 days of every year.

- Nef & Nat x


One half of the TwinFashion duo.